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apologize. >> outrage over obama care. >> the only spy. for valid foreign intelligence. >> a spying circus. the president's lowest poll numbers yet. is obama's second term slipping away? has he lost control? what will it take to get it back? this morning the only show where the white house responds. tough questions for the president's top strategist. >>> plus, republican senator rand paul in a "this week" exclusive. >>> and the analyst who nailed it in 2012, reads this year's tea leaves. nate silver makes his "this week" debut on our powerhouse roundtable. and rob lowe. this sunday morning. >>> hello again. one year ago this week, president obama was coasting toward re-election, now he's coming off one of the toughest weeks of his second term. let's start out with our chief white house correspondent jon karl. with more on that. you have the obama care, nsa spying controversial and now this new book "double down" shows that winning campaigns aren't pretty on the inside. >> that's right, george. apparently some of the president's top aides leaked so much information to authors of this book.
's on me. >> president obama reeling over the disastrous start to his signature achievement. can obama care be fixed? can his presidency recover? or is this obama's political katrina? this morning, our special coverage, a presidency in crisis. including a key senator who may have her own eyes on the white house, new york's kirsten gillibrand. >>> and -- 50 years later, remembering jfk. all that and the powerhouse roundtable, right here, this sunday morning. >>> hello, again. i'm martha raddatz. great to have you with us. if second terms are about building a legacy this was an incredibly tough week for president obama, who this morning is still facing withering attacks on his signature legislative achievement health care reform. and more troubling for the white house, democrats are joining in. we have full coverage of the president's very rough week, let's begin at the white house where jonathan karl has the very latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: president obama has staked his legacy on the affordable care act, but now the flawed rollout threatens to undermine the foundation of his sec
the expansion of medicaid under obama care. >> i do what's best for the people in the state of new jersey every day. and expanding medicaid in the state of new jersey, is a relatively small expansion. it will mean a lot. here's what makes me different than a lot of these other guys, i'm going to do what i think is right for the people who elected me, and a lot of these other folks are always trying to put their figure in the wind and see which way the wind is blowing that day. my job is to run the state of new jersey, and that's what i do every day, and the fact is, george, when you do that, people across the spectrum give you credit. and that's what those election results, 61% on tuesday, show. >> it was a sweeping win. >>> you're also in the news this week because of this book "double down" about the 2012 campaign. extensive section on the romney vice presidential search process, they leaked your file. never seen that happen before. this passage who supervised your background check. a guy named ted newton. he says this -- there are people now, surveying the sum and substance of what the team
has the yet to show how many people have signed up for obama care. and now, we likely know the reason why. >>> above and beyond. an officer telling her survivor story about getting shot in the face twice. >> he's firing. he's firing. >> and what she did after this shooting is just remarkable. >>> moving target. a skydiver with skill that you have to see to believe. >>> good morning to you. i'm reenen ninan. candy high with lots of sugar in me. in for diana perez. we begin with a frightful night of halloween storms. >> a powerful system, reaching 2,000 miles, from maine to louisiana. it's being blamed for one death in tennessee, where a young boy was electrocuted. >> the storm left a destructive trail, including a tornado in texas. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: mother nature delivered a trick. frig frightening weather that put halloween on hold. several areas were flooded. cars were no match for the rising waters. helicopters rescued hundreds. south of austin, emergency crews in boats went door-to-door. they saved one family, including their dog, stuck on a roof. >> wow.
out who is this mystery woman behind obama care online. tonight she opens up to abc's amy robach. >> why do you want to speak out now? >> thank you, thank you. >> and anything for a laugh? what you are watching is a joke. but it sure didn't seem like it for the unsuspecting celebrities. yes, funnyman, sasha baron when our little girl was born, we goword. she said hert (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> announcer: from new york city, this is "nightline" with juju chang. >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. it is a case that boggles the mind. after serving years in prison for murder, he always said he didn't commit, today ryan ferguson enjoyed his first full day of freedom. how did this bright-eyed college student end up losing nearly a decade of his life behind bars. we tracked done a juror who vote
themselves in this situation. >> president obama, talking to americans losing their health care coverage, despite his assurances. critics are already calling it half-hearted. >>> a delivery in the nation's heartland. and the driver who survives a fireball. >>> for the second-straight year, stanford pounds out a win over oregon. and their fans take to the field to celebrate. >>> good friday morning. going to get right to it now. a giant storm, bearing down on the philippines this morning. ripping through the vulnerable islands with deadly force. >> it's being called a supertyphoon. one of the most powerful on the planet. winds have toppled 200 miles an hour. and the storm is far from over. we begin with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's called supertyphoon haiyan. it's 300 miles wide. and it's bearing down on the philippines right now. this storm has had wind gusts of 235 miles per hour. that is comparable to an extremely powerful category 5 hurricane. evacuations have been ordered. and officials are preparing people for significant risk to both lives and property. as it hit land, the s
by the president. trying to fix obama care, announcing a big change while taking the blame over and over. >> we did fumble the ball on it. i'm the head of this team. that's on me. >>> thinking fast. caught on camera. two homes collapse into a giant sink hole. families forced to clear out as the hole grows wider. >>> and real money. do you have thousands of dollars just lying around your home? >> are you totally surprised right now? >> yeah. >> that's a lot of money. >> we turn one family's clutter into a lot of cash tonight. >>> and a good evening to you on this thursday night as we begin with a moment in the obama presidency unlike any we have seen before. the commander in chief under fire, trying to quiet the fury surrounding his signature achievement, obama care, today announcing a change in the rules, but the measure of what this means for his leadership can be seen in his face. take a look at these pictures from three and a half years ago, the joy, the confidence as he signed obama care into law, and here was his face today as he told the nation he fumbled the ball in a big game. our team is s
>>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> moments ago, president obama arrived at san francisco international airport on a quick west coast fundraiser trip leaving seattle this morning and will head to los angeles later today. good morning, i am eric thomas. >> we have team coverage on president obama's whirlwind trip to san francisco. first we have our reporter at sfo. >> air force one landed a short time ago at 10:38 this morning. a beautiful day here in the san francisco bay area unlike in seattle where it was foggy, dreary. the president was greeted by california senator feinstein who was looking completely different. she has a new "do," and president obama has in california certainly more than 50 times to attend different events most having been fundraisers because here is where the president gets the big bucks although because his rating has again down the organizers of one of the event in san francisco had to lower the ticket price to make sure they had a packed house. he has one, two, three events here in san francisco. all of the events are in s
of a hate crime. >> president obama is a few hours away from landing in the bay area. he is here for more than money. the san francisco stop on the agenda. >> san francisco's batkid, together with the commander in chief? what prevented the meeting today between president obama and the young crusader. >> you are big when you have to say "no" to the president. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> i am sure the president used a bat signal he could come back. >> first, the weather. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler 7 hd with good news. it is dry. we have the possibility of poor air quality, though, on the "spare the air" day with no burning of wood unless you want to pay $100 fine or go to school. 46 degrees is the temperature at 7:00 around the bay. we are at 57 at noon. a few high clouds and you 61 in the afternoon and mid-50's in the evening. not so heavy a coast as needed this morning. in the 30's many inland valleys this morning. at 58 and hazy at noon. we will hang an the low-to-mid 60's and hazy throughout the afternoon. high clouds and mid-50's headed throu
on abc7 news bay area. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. president obama's visit to the bay area. >> i need your help. >> okay. >> what i'd like to do... >> hecklers interrupting the push for immigration reform during his first stop in san francisco. >> we have live team coverage on the bay area visit and begin with abc7 news live at sfo. president obama is about to leave. leanne? >> reporter: that is right he's behind schedule. president obama arrived here from seattle, at around 10:30 this morning, greeted by california senator die bean the president greeted a number of selected people waiting for him. mr. obama wished them a happy thanksgiving. now, keep in mind 2014 mid term elections are approaching. the president is trying to raise money for the party. he will do the same in los angeles. that is next stop. one of the events take place at the home of basketball giant magic johnson. then, the president returns to washington on tuesday. before he does, of like i mentioned he will go to los angeles. one interesting thing is that about an hour ago someone from a
: more critical supplies should arrive in the philippines this week. with the obama administration sending two amphibious warships. the air force carrier "uss george washington" should arrive on thursday. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> how can you help? we put plenty of resources on our website, >>> and now, to this breaking overnight. an american airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing on its way from miami to boston. the 757 had to land in orlando because of a cracked windshield. 159 passengers were onboard. no injuries have been reported. once that windshield was fixed, the flight continued on its way. >>> former president clinton joining other leading democrats and calling for changes to obama care. mr. clinton said president obama should honor his word and allow people to keep their health insurance if they're happy with it. >> i personally believe, even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they've got. >> as for the health care websit
. >> president obama offered a fix to keep millions of americans from having their health insurance cancelled by the end of the year. mr. obama says insurance companies will be allowed to keep customers on existing plans for another year, even if those plans don't meet obamacare standards. this is not a mandate. each state must decide whether they'll follow the president's plan. within hours, california insurance commissioner dave jones sent a letter to the state insurance exchange. jones wants covered california to modify the contract with health insurers. >> neither federal nor state law allow me with action today, to outright stop the cancellation s but i will urge california's insurance companies follow the president's call. >> the state insurance commissioner wants insurers to issue new notices offering a chance to renew policies. >> our abc7 news facebook page have you had trouble signing up on health these are responses. one, i had no problem signing up with covered california. i will save $280 for better health care however, pam said yes we had
, and shouting. >> personal thans from president obama to the nation's armed service men and women this holiday welcome. >> good morning, day after thanksgiving to you will after you at 6:00. hoping you had enough turkey year and the leftover are coming today. there is a lot going on with weather and a fatal accident. here is leyla gulen. >> as we take you to san francisco this is where we have a fatal accident involving a pedestrians on i-80 in the eastbound direction a truck hit the pedestrian and now we have all lanes blocked. if you are headed in and identity thanksgiving and you need to make it from the skyway to the bay bridge all lanes have been shut down and you will need to use an alternate. the transition from southbound 101 to eastbound 80 is closed. coming from the peninsula or daly city to the city use 280 to king street. an accident at eastbound 580 at center street involving a vehicle that almost flipped. cy blocking one lane. we have top speeds out of tracy into dublin. we have a beautiful day ahead of us, mild and dry. that is the story for the weekend before it changes. no ret
you criticize obamacare you do not expect president obama to respond, do you? the surprising letter a school teacher got from the commander in chief. >> holiday wrap: what do you do with the leftovers? >> new at 6:00 pizza hut manager fired for refusing to work on thanksgiving gets his old job woah, this k l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray,
imposed deadline for the obama administration to get health on track. have they succeeded? jeff zeleny now with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: it's deadline day for fixing that troubled health care web site. the obama administration is scrambling tonight to make good on the president's promise. that people could sign up for insurance by the end of the month. earlier this week in california, he sounded cautiously optimistic. >> look, the rollout of new health care marketplace was rough. and by the way, the web site's continually working better so check it out. >> reporter: one person not laughing is dan howard, who's hit one brick wall after another trying to sign up. we checked back with him today from his home near pittsburgh still no luck. the web site is working faster, he says, but his name can't be verified. what is your frustration level on a scale of 1 to 10 about this entire system? >> my scale of frustration is very high, at a 10. i don't see it as just a web site problem. >> reporter: the white house acknowledges everything won't be fixed but will be mor
in the hospital. she suffered life threatening injuries, he is in serious-but-stable condition. >> president obama is waking up on the west coast after a swing that will which you several stops arriving at seattle international airport yesterday and attended two democratic national competent fundraisers greeted by demonstrators protesting the keystone xl pipeline. the protesters were out in front of the san francisco jazz club last night, as well, where he will visit this afternoon voicing opposition to the use of drones. the president will arrive if san francisco later this morning and there will be a rally if chinatown to discuss immigration reform and head to a fundraiser at a private home in pacific heights before taking off for los angeles. the president's visit to the west coast is amid record low approval rating with a cnn poll showing 56 percent of men disapprove of the performance. 41 percent approve. they believe the numbers reflect several embarrassments including the n.s.a. surveillance scandal and batched roll out of obamacare. >> the wife and son of a palo alto man held captive bit n
obama. >> obama care. obama care. obama care. >> reporter: from seattle to miami, hundreds of cities across the country are electing mayors today. in new york, bill de blasio, running on a far more liberal agenda than outgoing mayor michael bloomberg, is expected to become the first democrat to lead the city in two decades. in boston, voters are choosing a replacement for long-time mayor tom menino. and in colorado, something unusual is on the ballot. voters in 11 counties are deciding whether they want to continue living in the state or form their own. now, it's not likely these colorado counties will be leaving the state. both the state legislature and the u.s. congress must approve a new state. real interesting one there, john and diana. >> all right. tahman bradley, thank you. >>> president obama is turning to his old political network to help the troubled obama care rollout. at a rally last night, he asked supporters to keep faith with the program and help people sign up. an internal administration memo reveals that the president misled people when he said shoppers could bypass
on obama care. worse than thought. and the woman who became the face of obama care is saying tonight she's been living a nightmare. >>> lie detectors, a major blow to the people who run airport security tonight accused of wasting $1 billion trying to detect suspicious behavior. >>> real money, the hunt is on for leaks in your family budget. we saved this family $700 on a heating bill in just one hour and show you how you can do it, too. >>> good evening to you on this wednesday night as we lead with a moment of truth for president obama and that troubled health care website. we knew about the glitches and the apology from the president, but today we learned a stark number, how few americans actually signed up on that federal site, fewer than you can fit in yankee stadium. this as we finally meet the woman whose face was on the home page. she is saying don't blame her. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl starts us off. >> reporter: during the first month just 26,000 people were able to select health insurance through the federal website or over the phone, a stunningly low
are deepening and the blood could be spreading. >>> back here at home tonight and to the toll on president obama in the wake of the troubled obama care website. that "saturday night live" kit joking the president might need an anti depressant because of plummeting polls. tonight the poll part is increasingly becoming reality. his approval ratings at an all-time low. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl with a brand new abc news poll. these are numbers the president has been insulated, his personal traits? >> reporter: clearly the obama care troubles are the biggest factor here but we are seeing something different. for the first time in our poll the majority say they have an unfavorable view of obama personally. take a look at this. on the question of whether he was a strong leader, the majority say no. we have never seen that before. asked if obama was honest and trustworthy, again, for the first time the majority say no. we have never seen such negative reviews of obama's personal attributes. that may be the most troubling thing as the president faces that race against time that
late-night stop. >> president obama's getting all of the late-night jokes now. >> better him than me. >> when it came to the jokes, nothing was off-limits. not even obama care. >>> and the winner is, cool and confident. "people" magazine crowns its sexiest man alive. >>> and good wednesday morning. we begin with the federal drug investigation that netted a freshman congressman. >> republican trey radel, will answer to charges today in a washington, d.c. courtroom. he already has a message for the voters back home. >> i'm a conservative. >> reporter: overnight, comments flooding the facebook page of first-term florida congressman trey radel. after he posted an apology saying, i am disappointed in myself. and i stand ready to face the consequences of my actions. radel is charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession. he was arrested last month in an fbi sting. and is set to be arraigned today. the 37-year-old blames his struggle with alcoholism for leading him to, quote, a irresponsible choice. his story drawing comparisons to embattled toronto mayor, rob ford. >> i'm n
profile position in the obama administration he is rumored to be up for. >> mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone if travels take you through 680 or 84 we have height to moderate rain from livermore and pleasanton and dublin all the way into fremont and into milpitas with 237 and across to maintain view and west and this will continue to sink into the heart of the south bay so if it is not raping if if -- raining if your neighborhood now it will be. you can see from petaluma and to napa this is sliding to the south. through 9:00, we have a chance of scattered showers. headed to noon we will look at total sunshine and temperatures hugging the upper 50's and near 60 with lower humidity and sunshine and a cloud or two at 4:00 and then it is breezy and cooler in the evening. >> we have a brand new crash in san jose and northbound 87 at 101, it is blocking one lane and we have people that were in the cars that are out of the cars much watch out for them. we are looking at more volume northbound along 101 beyond th
reached after months of negotiations. now the obama administration must sell this agreement to critics. tahman bradley joins us live from washington with more. tahman? >> reporter: john, good morning to you. the obama administration says this is an important first step. but they know people still need convincing. over the weekend, president obama phoned the israeli prime minister. and secretary of state john kerry will meet with more members of congress. they clinched the deal. iran and six world powers reached a temporary agreement to halt iran's nuclear program. the obama administration is selling it as a game-changer. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. iran's 20% uranium will be destroyed. >> reporter: iran will allow daily monitoring of key facilities by u.n. inspectors. in return, the u.s. and allies will ease some economic sanctions, about $7 billion worth. many are skeptical that iran will change. >> it's an historic mistake. >> reporter: israel condemned the deal. was a it leaves in place iran's infrastructure to produce nuclear fuel. some members of congress ex
balloons. >>> white house warning, another beg setback for the obama care website tonight and the worry about what could happen this weekend. >>> recipe for disaster, thanksgiving dinner and the biggest cause of house fires over the holiday. >>> america strong, the superstar chef who traded his luxury restaurant for a soup kitchen. >>> good evening. diane is off tonight. 43 million americans are on the move. across the country the long thanksgiving weekend got off to a hectic start, weather forcing more than 200 flight cancellations today because of snow, ice and wind. in north carolina a tornado blew the roof off this condominium, snapped trees and downed power lines. look at the map tonight, most of the trouble in the northeast, parts of the country bracing for more cold and wind on the way. our extreme weather team is tracking it all and we begin with abc's meteorologist ginger zee. good evening, ginger. >> reporter: good evening, george. who doesn't love a nice, cold rain to kick off the holiday. behind me you can see the balloons that will go up tomorrow that we will be talking abo
to place flowers on the walls. >>> president obama's approval rating dropped to an all-time low. 54% disapprove of the job he's doing. 39% back president obama. the latest poll shows the majority of americans, 52%, say the president is not honest and trustworthy. the approval numbers dropped since october 1st. that's when obama care was rolled out. >>> this isn't going to make the president feel better. another high-profile democrat urging changes to obama care. that is former president bill clinton. he said people should be allowed to keep the health insurance they have. president obama had originally promised that would be the case but then he was forced to backtrack. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> later this week, the administration will tell us how many managed to enroll in the coverage despite the problems with the website. >>> here's the thing, president obama during that exclusive nbc interview that he had last week, he did b
morning. we begin with president obama's approval ratings, taking a major beating in the latest poll released overnight. >> he is hitting new record lows, as frustration mounts over not just the rollout of obama care but the new health care law overall. the abc news/"washington post" poll puts the president obama's overall job approval rating at just 42%. down 15% points this year. 55 disapprove, a new record high for his presidency. and the president's other ratings are tumbling, as well. 46% see him as a strong leader. 47% see him as honest and trustworthy. and 47% say he understands americans' problems. fueling the negativity is the botched rollout of obama care. americans by nearly 2-1, disapprove of his handling of the rollout. and opposition to the affordable care act is at an all-time high, 57%. last week, the president said he didn't know the extent of the problems with the obama care website when it launched. >> i'm accused of a lot of things. but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity. >> reporter: and
hours straight against obama care. republicans are now blocking dozens of president obama's nominees. but today in a controversial and historic move, referred to as the nuclear option, democrats changed the rules, ending the filibuster when it comes to most presidential nominees. minutes later they moved forward on one obama nominee who had been blocked for almost six months. >> a simple majority vote no longer seems to be sufficient for anything that enough is enough. >> reporter: but republicans called it a naked power grab. >> we are approaching a slippery slope that will destroy the very unique aspect of this institution called the united states senate. >> reporter: republicans tried but failed to do away with the filibuster back when george w. bush was president. then a freshman senator named barack obama opposed the move. he said it would only make bitter parson divisions even worse. diane, he is about to find out if he was right. >> jonathan karl on the big news today. >>> we have other important news out of washington tonight about american forces in afghanistan and what will
're talking about here. that is why we're here. >> reporter: mr. obama shot back with a electric you're on democracy. >> so easy way out is yell and pretend i can do something by violating our laws. and what i'm proposing is a harder path. which is to use our democratic processes. >> reporter: the heckler is a student at san francisco state and an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he said he came to listen to the president about immigration reforms. but he became disappointed when the president failed to mention anything about the plight of illegal immigrants. >> 1.8 million undocumented immigrant family members are, have deported. and one thousand hundred undocument immigrant family members are facing deportation every day. he feels immigration reform for undocumented immigrants is an urgent issue and the president can stop deportations by executive power. >> he can do it. he does not sympathetic against undocumented workers if he does, he will stop deportation right now. >> his -- betty ng's family members met with the president before the speech. >> reporter: the preside
spirit at a washington, d.c. food bank. president obama, the first lady, as well as daughters, malia and sasha, and first grandmother, marian robinson, all handed out the necessary fixins for a fine meal. today, the obamas will spend the thanksgiving holiday at the white house. >>> and two very lucky birds will not end up on the thanksgiving table today. president obama carried out the traditional turkey pardon yesterday at the white house. caramel and popcorn will spend their retirement years at a virginia farm, unlike many of their colleagues. >> at least we saved two. >> yeah. >>> there was much more serious business at the white house yesterday, as well. the nation's small businesses were told that they'd have to wait another year before signing up for health care coverage online. abc's devin dwyer has more. >> reporter: the technical glitches at have claimed another victim. this time, online insurance signups for small businesses. now delayed for one more year. it's the latest embarrassment for the white house, which had hailed the new system. >> this is good news
obama from the democrats. >> huge light show people along the west [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams] >>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. at 4:40 on thursday. from the embarcadero in san francisco, a gorgeous bay light installlation lighting up the bay bridge. not so chilly. we will have a fairly warm day for the big oregon at stand -- stanford game. >> new this morning people along the west coast are buzzing over the light show last night of the look at it: a fireball streaked across the night sky. a guy if southern california caught the meteor on the dash camera of the car. people in los angeles, santa barbara, all reported seeing the meteor light up the southwest skies along with sightings up own portland and as far as away mexico. if you have video, we want to see it, by sharing it on facebook or twitter. >> this morning, the obama administration is taking more heat for the botched health care website but democrats now are also complaining. president obama heard complaints yesterday from 16 sena
the forecast and typhoon haiyan which is hitting the philippines. >> new this morning, president obama says his administration is working to close some of the holes causing millions of americans to have their health insurance canceled. the president apologized yesterday to americans whose health insurance plans are being canceled as a result the affordable care act. an estimated 12 million have policies that do not meet obamacare requirements for more comprehensive care. software engineers and tech analysts are discovering new problems with health but the obama administration vows it will be fully operational by december 1st. >> secretary of state john kerry will participate in negotiations in geneva over iran's nuclear program. john kerry was in the middle east and will plan to travel to geneva came after the foreign minister of iran said there could be an agreement tonight. signs that a deal would limit iran's atomic activity are bringing officials to switzerland. john kerry will try to narrow differences in negotiations. >> more controversy over yoga pants made by hallelujah -- by >
one, the system was overwhelm by the volume. >> the obama administration technology chief testified adding the site is getting better he said accessing about 17,000 registrations an hour, but that is still short of the goal of 50,000 an hour. >> while people seem to be struggling with the federal government's site that does not appear to be the case for people here in, california. >> here in california, completely different picture. yes. the vast majority surveyed say signing up is easy and information is available and understandable. you hundreds of thousands have been shopping the site and momentum, picking up. 370,000 californians started their applications. 177,000 have completed them. so far, 70,000 are eligible for medical. 30,000 signed up for coverage under covered california. sign ups beginning to pick up steam. covered california starting april politics for 2000 people per day. the average wait time on the phone is 12 minutes and nine seconds. there appears to be no back up on the web site. and you can also buy covered california insurance from neighborhood brokers. you ca
to americans who could soon lose their medical coverage under the new health care law. >> president obama held a long news conference this morning promising his administration will recover after fumbling the rollout of the selling health -- signature health care law. katie marzullo what does it mean if individuals? >> it means if you got a cancellation notice you can maybe ignore it and keep the current plan. >> i get how upset this is if a last machine after assurances they heard from me if they had a plan they liked they could keep it. >> to those members, president obama says i hear you. he says people will be allowed to keep their plans for real. >> the insurers can extend plans that otherwise would be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans who have been canceled can reenroll. >> republicans are not buying it. >> it is clear the american people cannot trust the white house. >> the spot not giving up and says 9 affordable care act will not be repealed and wants those who got a cancellation letter to give another chance. >> if you received one of the letters i encourage you to look at
program. >> the administration says one thing about the obamacare rollout and a new poll on the political damage. >> tracking the storm hitting the bay area, the green you can see is mostly in the north bay but mike says it will spread all over the bay >>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 4:42. a picture of downtown san francisco as seen from the rooftop. rain is not yet here. maybe some drizzle but the rain will come and is now in the north bay. meteorologist, mike nicco, will tell you how it will affect your day and commute. if you take any pictures of the storm, we want do see them. send your photos and videos to we will share some of them on air and online. >> opponents of oakland's plan to build a high-tech surveillance center will protest tonight before the city council which approved plans to build a $10 million domain awareness center in june. it will serve as a hundred for surveillance video in place at the port of oakland. opponents say other cameras could be added which would enable law e
and senator obama when he visited there. >> but it all came spiralling down in a hailstorm of negative attention. >> you know you came under negative attention just because of the way you operated there. >> that's partially true because of the rules dick kated by the state department. you will drive a washed and waxed suburban with lights and sirens on, it's easy for the enemy to play whackamole. >> i have been in the convoys. >> when you can't hide. >> 100 miles an hour. >> when the enemy is coming at you, those are the only tactics you have left. >> you signed the contract. is that the way it should have been done? >>. no we would have preferred to run it the way we wanted to run it. >> how about fighting back and saying this is not the way we should be doing it. >> sure. >> so it's the state department's fault? >> we were at the tail getting whipped. >> do you take any regret? >> my greatest regret is taking the job with the state department. >> its agreement with blackwater required the use of u.s. government furnished vehicles but the use of sirens was not a contractual requiremen
scary. but -- >> i wasn't that scared. [ laughter ] >> was it you had obama care? [ laughter ] >> leno pointed out the president obama was the target of late-night jokes. president bush joked, "better him than me." >> he was also asked why he doesn't wade into public policy and politics in general and he said he doesn't think it is a good thing for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. >> i totally respect that. he's been great. he hasn't weighed in on obama care. hasn't done any of that. staying on the sidelines. >> hasn't weighed in on anything really that has had to do with president obama throughout the entire presidency which is nice to see. because any time he has an opportunity to come out and defend or praise the president, it is nice to see he is respecting the office. >> he has become quite the painter in his retirement. >> have you seen his toes coming out of the bath water? >> good. >> really is. >>> all right. let's move on to the weather now. it will be sunny and dry up and down the east coast until south florida with scattered showers and thunde
for thanksgiving. traveling, though, is not a big issue. >> president obama is wrapping up a west coast tour at dreams works. the president arrived in los angeles last night and went to a fundraiser at beverly hills home of magic johnson where gusts paid $15,000 each for tickets and mingled with stars hike samuel l. jackson and left san francisco after make three stops including in chinatown. >> still ahead, the supreme court weighs into a fight over religion and birth control. >> story you see only on abc7, a couple who survived asiana flight 214 opens up to me about their horrific ordeal on the tarmac at fog and how they are coping now five months later. >> toys to avoid just released we on a >>> the supreme court agreed to take up another provision of obamacare, birth birth control. obamacare mandates insurance cover protective services such as birth control at no cost to the employee. a laugh is willing to provide standard contraceptives but not the morning after pills. that pill may not work for women over a certain weight. researchers found the french investigation of the drug begins t
for shopping. >> when you criticize obamacare do you expect president obama to respond in the surprising letter a school teacher got from the commander in chief. >> a holiday wrap: what to do with your thanksgiving day leftovers >>> doing good could make you $7,000 richer. go to our facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we will donate $1 in your honor up to $75,000 and everyone who take the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash announced on december 19. spread the love the help us give where you live. >> a texas schoolteacher who wrote a letter to president obama criticizing the affordable care act got the surprise, a handwritten letter from the president himself. he was shocked at the personal reply which read in part i sincerely believe health care reform was right for the country but certainly not the smart political thing. did the response make an impression? no, he is auctioning off the letter for a minimum bid $24,000. >> facebook is not just for keeping up with old friends but this morning it is helping a four-year-old boy deal with embarrassment
bills and rehabilitation. >> a set of political problems this morning for president obama's health care plan. some democrats in the house of representatives are threatening to break ranks and support republicans who want to change a key provision of obamacare. katie? >> some democrats are giving the white house an ultimatum: come up with a fix or we vote with republicans tomorrow. senate democrats are working on a bill to help undo the damage that has been done which is gaining support. even president obama says he is open to it. it could be too late. g.o.p. lawmakers have drafted their own bill and the vote is scheduled tomorrow in the republican-controlled house of representatives. >> the legislation we are bringing forward this week will allow those americans to keep the plans they have been promised. >> specifically, it allows people to keep their current insurance man through 2014 without penalties. the democratic representative says the bill is "terrible." he needs something else to vote on but, something that allows him to keep the lawmakers' progress to americans. health care of
numbers show enrollment in obamacare is shockingly low. we have those stories ahead. >> we have another road situation this morning, a big rig flipped and rolled down an embankment on interstate 80 filled with 25,000 pounds frozen food. how long will it be there? it will be here for some time causing quite the backup. we have five miles would of backup because of the overturned big rig with units on the scene blocking to lanes approaching this area with the sig-alert in effect until 7:00 this morning. it flipped and now they are trying to uproot it. because it could cause a fuel leak it could be a haz-mat situation the it is enough to cause the headache for this morning. coming out of crockett you can see heavy delay and that is causing pressure along westbound highway 4 so as you approach 80 that is are we will see the heavy delays. in other areas of the bay into dublin, that is slow-and-go traffic and it backs up out of the altamont pass at 28 miles per hour and loosens at livermore. it is foggy, which mike will tell us when it will lift. >> quarter-mile visibility in novato and half
the agreement despite president obama's assurances. >> we've halted the iranian program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back. >> it is not an historic agreement. it's an historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. >> the deal is facing resistance on capitol hill. lawmakers from both parties say they are skeptical that iran will stick to the agreement. they want congress to prepare beefed up economic penalties to hit teheran hard if the accord falls apart. >>> we are expecting a report on the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, last year, but it is already stirring controversy. critics say the summary report to be released this afternoon is not enough. the full results of the state police investigation should be released, they say. victims' families oppose that, though. a gunman killed 20 children and six staffers inside of sandy hook elementary school last december. >>> michael jackson's former doctor telling his side of the story for the first time since he was released from jail. claiming he was the singer's closest friend. conrad murray said he did his
house created a web page to decide which turkey president obama will pardon tomorrow. you can see it here. popcorn and caramel. the site has bios so you can decide which you like best. yar mel loves lady gaga. popcorn is a beyonce fan. >> i just think popcorn has superior plumage. we're going to listen to popcorn first. >> to me that sounds like more than one bird. >> here is caramel. >> i think caramel just getting a raw deal. if you look at the photo, also, i think, popcorn has a much better photo. >> true. >> caramel weighs more. it's just bad photography. >> keep in mind this isn't a thanksgiving version of the hunger games both turkeys will live out their natural days in a huge public estate in virginia. this boils down to a popularity contest. >> like "dancing with the stars". except birds won't be dancing. if you want to vote we have a link. >> one will be crowned national turkey. >> spencer christian not eligible. not this year. >> despite the fact very great plumage. >> shake your tail feathers. >> let's travel to live doppler seven hd. >> go while you can. >> we have cl
of obama care. as even more problems surface with the health care website. >>> monster typhoon. the ferocious 200 mile-per-hour winds blasting the philippines right now. communications are cut off in parts of the nation as this historic storm blows through. >>> celebrating 95. the reverend billy graham's birthday party. the faithful and friends wish him the best after he gave his final sermon. >>> happy hour. the picture of rihanna using unusual glass ware to satisfy her thirst. that's in "the skinny" on this friday, november 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> we are -- she looked good in that red dress. one of the best i've seen on her. drinking out of the shoe, though -- >> a lot of pictures we see she's posted them herself, and she's a wreck. >> i know. >> unless she is half naked and then she looks wonderful. >> and look, we're talking about her. so she succeeded. that's what is important. >>> the white house is on the defensive this morning over the troubled rollout of obama care. president obama apologized to t
a lot. a new report claims obama/biden almost turned into obama/clinton in to 12. the "new york times" got an advanced copy of the book double down, game change, 2012. the book says president obama's top aides considering replacing joe biden with hillary clinton on the ticket. but the idea was scrapped when polls showed the switch would not really improve president obama's re-election chances. the book comes out next week. good morning america will have a lot more on this story coming up at 7:00 after our news cast. >>> the vatican is taking a new approach facing controversial issues. they have launched a campaign on how to deal with issues like birth control, divorce and same-sex marriage. asked bishops to start polling their members. pope francis is moving away from the vatican central approach towards ones where local bishops are more involved with their parishion parishioners. >>> the hallmark store is admitting it shouldn't have changed the wording on a christmas ornament. critics accused the store of being home mow homophobic. >>> kraft saying it will replace artificial dyes wit
. >> and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second material. second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> i want to bring in abc news political director rick klein now. no one wants to relive that campaign of a year ago, but romney went further, saying the president wasn't telling the truth. the irony, the president was just in boston, wasn't he, thinking this would be welcoming territory for this health care plan. >> that's right. that's what makes this a biting critique. it is that context. just a few days ago, president obama went to romney's home state, the very place romney signed his own health care law, to argue that governor romney's plan worked. but romney's making clear, he will not let romney care be used to bail out obama care, whether or not he was the inspiration for it. >> flashbacks. making me sweat all over again. rick klein tonight, thank you. >>> overseas tonight and to cairo now. where secretary of state john kerry is visiting for the first time. it wil
and john, good morning. republican states are refusing obama care, complicating the rollout. it's a problem the president is taking head-on. president obama is back on offense, defending his health care law on hostile turf. he traveled to texas, 1 of 36 states that have refused to set up its own insurance marketplace. the lone star state has declined to expand medicaid. the president urged governor rick perry to reconsider. >> folks who are complaining about how the website is not working. and yet, they're leaving a million people right now without health insurance, that they could immediately fix. >> reporter: president obama again admitted he is frustrated by the failure of the website. >> this is like having a really good product in the store, and the cash registers don't work. and there aren't enough parking spots. >> reporter: the obama administration is now taking heat about the botched health care rollout from democrats. yesterday at the white house, the president heard complaints from 16 democratic senators up for re-election next year. on capitol hill, health and hum
. >> the people of this city have chosen a progressive path. >> reporter: president obama worked the phones, congratulating some of last night's big winners, including de blasio and mcauliffe. one person he did not call, governor christie. john and diana? >> tahman bradley, live in washington for us. thank you. >>> other notable election results. props featured prominently in two states. voters in portland, maine's largest city, legalized possession of recreational amounts of marijuana. >> the measure got about 67% of support. even with the vote, pot possession remains illegal under state and federal law. >> in colorado, voters had agreed to a 25% tax on marijuana sales. the estimated $67 million generated by the tax will go towards building schools and regulating pot shops. >>> and detroit has elected a new mayor. but he won't have much to say in running the cash-strapped city. he is the motor city's first white mayor in 40 years. but a state-appointed emergency manager will maintain control of the city's finances until it emerges from bankruptcy. >>> an effort to save the astrodome has be
correspondent jonathan karl tells us. >> reporter: today an embattled president obama met with insurance company ceos who are unhappy with his latest effort to fix obama care. many consumers are simply confused. suzie and jim fenelli of silver springs, maryland watched the president once again promise to help them, but right now the only thing they are sure of is they got a letter cancelling their health insurance. >> right now i'm promised a lot of things, and the only thing i got in my hand is this, and i have to figure it out. >> reporter: in an effort to repair his broken promise that nobody would lose insurance they like, the president said he'd change the rules, allowing people to buy old, preobama care policies for one more year. but what about the fine print? each state must approve the president's plan, and already some are saying no. case in point, washington state insurance commissioner, a democrat, says it would destabilize the state's entire insurance market. that left bill fullner totally out of luck, he got a cancellation notice. >> your new plan has more benefits and a different
to replacing officially the mayor for harassing 20 women. >> president obama tries to get immigration reform passed with a new approach he wants lawmakers to take. >> former president clinton and oprah and loretta ly until -- lynn will all be at the white ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ fema [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air and nob hill. to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >>> covering cupertino, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> want out for slick roads including on the eastern span of the bay bridge. one set of rain moving out and another moving in. mike has the forecast ahead. >> san diego is a step closer to pinging the next mayor. republican city councilman was if first place last month in the mayoral election with 43 percent of vote the because he did not get a majority he is heed to a run off
netanyahu, who late today got a call from president obama. we're told it was about 30 minutes long and the white house describing it as a, quote, useful discussion. so, what does iran have to give up? was it worth it to america? abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran tonight. >> reporter: the smiles and handshakes in geneva told the story. they think they did a very big deal. so does president obama, who hailed the work of the negotiators. >> that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure. >> reporter: under the deal, iran agreed to freeze its nuclear program, destroy its dangerous near-weapons-grade fuel and allow daily monitoring of key facilities by international inspectors. in return, the u.s. and allies agreed to ease some economic sanctions. about $7 billion worth, but leave most others still in force. and the whole deal is temporary. six months for negotiators to hammer out a final agreement, which will be much more difficult to get done. on "this week," secretary of state john kerry argued this deal is plenty tough on iran and reversible. >> a
out in times square now. >>> to washington now. and the revelation that the obama campaign secretly considered bypassing joe biden as president obama's running mate for the 2012 election in favor of hillary clinton. jon karl has that from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the idea of replacing joe biden with hillary clinton was the subject of endless political speculation in the early days of the campaign. and now this soon to be released book says that some of the president's top advisers actually talked about doing it. it's the dream team many democrats started wishing for, even before barack obama won the nomination in 2008. obama chose joe biden instead and did just fine. but as the president was gearing up for re-election, a sluggish economy and bad poll numbers had at least some of his top advisers thinking it might be time to play the hillary card. according to "double down" a new book by mark halperin and john heilemann, some of obama's top advisers secretly discussed replacing biden with hillary clinton and even conducted polling and focus gro
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